Catch The Woodwork at Artis—Naples this Friday, September 29th

Catch The Woodwork at Artis—Naples this Friday, September 29th

The Woodwork band is performing this Friday at 8:30 PM as part of the Live and Local series at Artis—Naples.

With over 1,000 likes on their Facebook page and a loyal following, The Woodwork is definitely making a name for themselves here in our beautiful hometown of Naples, Florida.

The band members include Taylor Freydberg as vocalist and guitarist, Christina Ortega as vocalist, Julio Pintos on the upright bass, and Mayo Coates on the percussion—and they’ll be at Artis—Naples this Friday.

They are known for their wicked folk and jazz infused indie music, composed of ‘his and her’ harmonies, fingerstyle guitar, and classical and latin jazz bass punctuated by percussion. They claim that “all of their sounds are created with a combination of woods, metals, bones, skins and voices.”

If you should happen to seek out something taking you back to the days when music was smart, yet at the same time catapult you toward a time where music has yet to go, The Woodwork will suit your needs splendidly.

— Cindy-jo Dietz, Ft.Myers Magazine

It wasn’t until recently—in 2016—that The Woodwork came to be. Their name, The Woodwork, stems from the popular idiom “…out of the woodwork,” symbolizing a close tie with the mystery and creation of the natural world.

Tickets are only $15. To find out more information about this event, head over to the ticket page on

Kick out the local jams with this funky indie quartet, featuring his-and-her harmonies, fingerstyle guitar and exotic rhythms. 
This concert is part of the Live and Local series at Artis—Naples. Admission is $15 per person and includes one free drink.
— Artis—Naples,

The Woodwork at Artis—Naples
The Woodwork band.

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