669,000 new apartment households will be added by 2030 in Florida

A new research published by WeAreApartments.org reveals that the construction industry of the State of Florida will produce approximately 669,000 new apartment households by the year 2030. Stating that the demand for apartments is rising, the study concludes that “whether it’s young professionals, couples, families or empty nesters”, Florida will be contributing majorly to the […]

Owning a Home: Top Ten Benefits for You

Owning a home is typically associated with the American Dream. As of 2014,  USA has more than 87 million homeowners, a number that represents around 65% of the country housing market. Interestingly, the rate of owner-occupied residences has remained steady since the 1960s. The advantages of owning a home range from tax breaks to remodeling your home to fit your own […]