Naples’ Pine Ridge tops Best Neighborhood for Real Estate Buying and Investing nationwide

Naples’ Pine Ridge tops Best Neighborhood for Real Estate Buying and Investing nationwide

We are glad to learn that Pine Ridge tops Best Neighborhood nationwide! Pine Ridge neighborhood, among our favorite places in Naples, FL, has been ranked Best Neighborhood for Real Estate Buying and Investing.

ATTOM Data Solutions, a reputed provider of data for more than 155 million properties in the USA, released its 2018 Neighborhood Housing Index last week. The index ranks Pine Ridge first among the top five U.S. neighborhood housing markets.

Westlake neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama; Union neighborhood in San Jose, California; Westmoreland neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina; and Hunters Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, complete the top five.

ATTOM analyzed new neighborhood boundary data → to rank more than 10,000 neighborhood housing markets in the USA. They based their criteria on six factors impacting the hyperlocal housing market: affordability, home price appreciation, school scores, crime rates, unemployment rates and property taxes.

We recently helped a Pine Ridge estate owner find the right buyer for a lovely home with guest house on a 1+ acre private and lushly landscaped lot → (check photo above) located in the heart of Pine Ridge. The buyer is a real estate investor, who snatched this interesting property for very close to asking price. Talking about a convenient deal for all parties involved!

The top neighborhoods listed on the ATTOM report have median sale prices as follows:
— Pine Ridge neighborhood in the Naples, Florida, metro ($632,871 median price);
— Westlake neighborhood in the Mobile, Alabama, metro ($196,179);
— Union neighborhood in the San Jose, California, metro ($795,000);
— Westmoreland neighborhood in the Charlotte, North Carolina metro ($326,000);
— Hunters Hill neighborhood in the Denver, Colorado, metro ($271,000).

Go Naples, Florida!

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