Home buyers: new home prices may rise due to costlier lumber

Home buyers: new home prices may rise due to costlier lumber

Buyers beware! It seems that things are confabulating to push the price of new homes up. This time is costlier lumber.

Yet another factor influencing the price upward trend we’ve been seeing is the rising cost of lumber in the USA, making analysts suggest that new home prices may keep going upward due to costlier lumber.

BLOOMBERG writes that new tariffs on lumber might have a noticeable impact on the spring homebuilding season. During the second half of 2017 lumber prices rose in part due to wildfires burning down timber forests.

Also, it is important to highlight the tug-of-war between the US and Canada on lumber tariffs, which adds wind to the fire.

During the last year most new home prices, affected by construction cost and material cost increases, have noticeable went up. Adding this lumber factor to the trend may prove to be significant.

All this may be calling on the ingenuity of builders for a more creative way to reduce costs using different materials and optimizing systems and processes.

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