2017 NIFF: The Naples International Film Festival is rolling on!

2017 NIFF: The Naples International Film Festival is rolling on!

With an ample selection of indie titles from around the world and local creators, the 2017 NIFF is rolling on next week.

The Naples International Film Festival, NIFF, is part of Artis—Naples.

Opening night will greet attendees with a red carpet on October 26, 2017, offering drinks and snacks from 6:00 pm. At 7:00 pm guests will enjoy the opening festival film, Charged, directed and produced by Phillip Baribeau with production by Dennis Aig, who will be among the attendants.

Charged chronicles the life-changing journey of chef and outdoorsman Eduardo Garcia after being shocked by 2,400 volts of electricity” while hiking in Montana. “Through sheer resilience, his former partner, Jennifer Jane, nursed Eduardo back to health and he learned to embrace his past, his family and his future.”

Charged is a survival and love story. You can watch the trailer here →

Artis—Naples, host of the opening night, is selling tickets for the evening. The VIP ticket, which includes complimentary snacks and drinks before the film, premium seating in the Hayes Hall for the film presentation, and after party, are still available for $169.

General admission for the opening film ticket is $29, includes popcorn— 😉 —, standard seating, opening night film viewing and the Questions & Answers from the filmmakers at the end of the film.

The extensive participant films that will be protected at the Silverspot have been classified in four categories: Narrative, Documentary, Shorts, and Florida Films Showcase, which presents two Florida films, Wastecase and Talia, on Friday, October 27, 4:00 pm. You can buy tickets for the films at the Silverspot NIFF page →.

The festival will close on Sunday, October 29 at 7:00 pm, with the movie Stuck and a Wrap Party at Artis-Naples, which will be attended by filmmakers and organizers. Stuck, directed by Michael Berry and produced by Mike Witherill, was written by Michael Berry, based on the musical by Riley Thomas.

Are you planning to attend? Let’s meet and greet at the festival! Let us know in the comments below.

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