Naples, FL Housing Market as seen in —May 14, 2018

Median Listing Price in Naples, FL: $400,00!

The housing market for Naples, FL, as seen in, shows a median listing price of $400K—That is 20,000 above price on Feb 13, 2018—out of 9,201 homes for sale, which marks a slight increase from 9,122 homes available for sale compared to February 14, 2018.

Interestingly, the median closing price has increased substantially to $370,00, compared to $325,000 reported on February 2018.

While the inventory of homes for sale have increased moderately, the homes available for rent keeps decreasing, with 2,511 available units for rent as of today.

Price for square foot is $214, from $208 as reported last February.

Naples, FL Housing Market
$400K (+)
median listing price
(+) homes for sale
$370K (+)
median closing price
price per square foot (+)
May 14, 2018 2,511
homes for rent (-)

* The characters +, —, and = in the above table denote more than, less than, and equal than our last published report.

For more interesting daily data regarding the market in your city, check out their full featured market tool at Please note that this information is publicly available from and they write the following: “Housing market median prices are based on all properties listed for sale in, land and multi-unit residences included. This data is provided as an informational resource only. Users should exercise caution when drawing conclusions in areas with fewer than 50 live listings.”

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