Naples, FL Housing Market as seen in—July 2, 2019

Naples, FL Housing Market as seen in—July 2, 2019

The Naples, FL Housing Market is showing a shift from the buyer’s market that has dominated our area for a time now. Today there are less active homes for sale than in our last month’s report, which tends to favor the sellers rather than the buyers.

The Median Listing Price has leaped up to $389,900—almost 25 thousand dollars higher than June 3rd, 2019, just one month ago. More significantly, the Median Sold Home Price has increased to $360,000, more than 20 thousand dollars reported here a month ago →., the National Association of REALTORS®, show today an increased Median Listing Price of $389,900 out of 8,492 homes for sale, an important reduction in homes availability compared with one month ago, with 9,030 homes for sale. That’s close to a 6% availability decrease.

This data turns around the buyer’s market that the Naples housing market has enjoyed for months. Lower availability of homes may push the market to a Seller Market if this trend continues.

The price per square foot stays put from our last report, currently still at $209.

For renters, the offering keeps increasing moderately this month: homes available since our June 2019 report is up to 2,823 from 2,761 units.

Naples, FL Housing Market
$389.9K (+)
median listing price
(-) homes for sale
$360K (+)
median sold price
price per square foot (=)
July 2, 2019 2,823
homes for rent (+)

* The characters +, —, and = in the above table denote more than, less than, and equal than our last published report.

For more interesting daily data regarding the market in your city, check out their full-featured market tool at Please note that this information is publicly available from They state the following: “Housing market median prices are based on all properties listed for sale in, land and multi-unit residences included. This data is provided as an informational resource only. Users should exercise caution when drawing conclusions in areas with fewer than 50 live listings.”

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César Alsina

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