NABOR: Naples market report shows many options for buyers

Now is the time to buy in Naples, FL!

From the latest Naples market report from NABOR, we see that home buyers had many more options to choose from in February, housing market inventory increased 7% this last February compared to February 2018. Overall median closed sale price decreased 4% year over year for February.

Inventory levels typically rise at this time of year. The single family home market new listings increased 34%, while the condominium market new listings increased 7%. Total number of units/inventory available for each home type was about even in the single family home and condo markets.

With inventory up and sales down it appears that buyers are not rushing into a purchase like many did when inventory levels were much lower. Buyers are evaluating all their options which includes new construction and existing homes.

Average days on market has increased which also tells us that buyers are looking at more properties before making an offer.

The closed price of properties sold in February sold for 95-96 percent of the asking price, which shows that once a property is priced right it will attract buyers. Pricing a home properly and competitively from the start benefits the seller by reducing market time and leads to a smoother transaction.

Overall inventory is up – closed sale volume is down – median closed sale price is down – average days on market is up. Now is the time to buy in Naples, indeed!

You may find the complete NABOR report at the NABOR Market Statistics page →.

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