Modern Tiny Living: gorgeous tiny homes you can carry around

Modern Tiny Living: gorgeous tiny homes you can carry around

Modern Tiny Living, a family-owned business based out of Columbus, Ohio, is pushing out gorgeous homes, in a tiny way. Claiming to be the “first fully custom Tiny House Design and Construction Company in the Midwest”, the team builds custom mobile homes.

Designed to fulfill the current demand of affordable, smaller, and movable homes that is growing in many parts in the USA as a movement, some models are wonders of modern home technology.

For instance, the Nugget, a 102 sq ft, 12-foot trailer sporting steel framing, metal roof, pine siding, and vinyl flooring is a well-equipped home that includes a full bathroom with shower, a wooden kitchen counter with a generous sink, and comfortable bedroom space, all surrounded by what feels to be plenty of windows.

This custom home features strategically designed shelves, cabinets, storage spaces and drawers. Also includes a small fridge, 100-gallon water tank, copper pipes and faucets, solar panels and 4 solar batteries. The full list of features is simply impressive and the look of it is compelling.

The Nugget, by Modern Tiny Living, is listed at $36,000, with the understanding that price significantly changes upon customizations and customer requirements.

Is this something you would consider, a tiny home? I can see how I could accommodate a couple of these models in my property lot, customized as a home office overlooking nature, or as a movable tiny photo studio. Another model can be a convenient guest house, not too close to the main home but close to the pool.

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