Hurricane Irma blew through our Southwest Florida paradise

Hurricane Irma blew through our Southwest Florida paradise

A gusty gal named Irma blew through our Southwest Florida paradise.

Originally predicted to head closer to Florida’s east coast, thus inflicting much less impact on us on the west coast, Hurricane Irma however shifted west. The storm made landfall over us in Southwest Florida. Everglades City, Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs took a direct hit.

Hurricane Irma barreled through Naples with cat 3 winds.

Hurricane Irma made its way further north up our coast into Ft. Myers and beyond. Tampa, a city fearing the worst, was spared when Irma unexpectedly turned to the north-northeast aiming to Central Florida and beyond.

Irma slowed down to a category 2 hurricane after barreling through Naples with category 3 hurricane winds.

Sadly, lives were lost. A total of 31 hurricane-related direct deaths have been reported in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Many homes were lost, roofs were damaged, fences, traffic and electrical poles were broken or fell to the ground, and tens of thousands of our magnificent trees came down.

The beauty of nature is that we will see new growth as the months and years pass.

The things that are the most valuable are with us, have always been and will always be. The care and concern that we have for each other and our community are on full display. Both leaders and citizens have been working tirelessly to keep us all safe. We will be restored to our homes confidently and securely.

Naples Bayfront, a popular tourist destination, home of many local residents and businesses. Broken posts and beaten palm trees could be seen all along their ample courtyard, with a few businesses open on September 12, just hours after Irma left the area.

Naples, the courteous, the strong.

We have been courteous and patient with each other. You’d see the ones that stayed in the city taking turns at non-working traffic lights. Acts of kindness everywhere, whether giving away hamburgers and cases of water as Lucky’s Market did for days to everyone who’d do the line, or giving free coffee and a free hair wash as Robert of Philadelphia salon did. Just to name a couple off the hundreds in the city doing the same: being supportive. People in general have been supportive of each other. Residents appreciate our special town of Naples.

Although we may be without electric, water, our usual comforts, we are patient. We realize that the energy companies and utility workers—coming from all over the USA and Canada—are all banding together to get us up and running, back to business as usual.

Neighbors and friends are opening their doors to others. Community organizations such as NABOR, The Naples Players, are also welcoming those in need by offering water, basic food items, and a place to cool off.

All in all this natural disaster has been trying. Year 2017 brought a hurricane season for the records for sure. Irma is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, outside of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.

This has become the most destructive season since 2005, with four major hurricanes so far: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose, and Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Irma blew through our Southwest Florida paradise wreaking havoc.

There are still many families and individuals far from normalcy, having lost their goods or even their place to live. For most though, we feel the good fortune of living in this very special place, Naples, Florida.

Naples is a strong community that always jumps into action, back into thriving.

Please, send me a message to find out how can I be of any help during this special times.

Yours wholeheartedly,
Carolyn Weinand

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Photo Together After Irma © 2017 Cesar Alsina
Photo Naples Bayfront Second Day After Hurricane Irma © 2017 Cesar Alsina


Carolyn Weinand

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