House Beautiful: Tear Drop Blue is Florida’s best paint color

House Beautiful: Tear Drop Blue is Florida’s best paint color

House Beautiful, the nationwide popular magazine, has compiled a list with their choices as the Best Paint Colors In Every State in the USA.

Pretty relative choices, but truth is, teal or similar colors—such as this Tear Drop Blue paint, from Benjamin Moore—is one of the colors you see more often in Florida home decorations both indoors and outdoors, in advertising, in brands, even people dress in teal!

The story includes a simple interactive multicolored map to select your state called the United States of Paints.

In the 80s, the tv series Miami Vice sported teal everywhere, including their logotype. During the 90s, when the craze for teal started to creep in everywhere, out of the “22 new teams that joined the major professional leagues during this time, six chose teal as a uniform color,” says Color Psychology.

The Miami Dolphins, a Floridian football team based in Miami, don teal-colored uniforms. Their logo is a teal dolphin 🙂

Fast forward to January 2019, we find House Beautiful listing the Tear Drop Blue 2053-60, Benjamin Moore as Florida’s color.

Tear Drop Blue 2053-60

What do you think? What is the paint color that would strike you as Florida?

Photo Florida Condo by and © 2018 Cesar Alsina

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