$410 million Grand Marnier famous mediterranean Villa Les Cèdres is on sale

$410 million Grand Marnier famous mediterranean Villa Les Cèdres is on sale

With a listing price of €350 million ($410 million), the 187 year-old, 14-bedroom mediterranean Grand Marnier mansion on the coast of France, Villa Les Cèdres, is on the market. Bloomberg Businessweek says that this is the most expensive residential real estate on Earth.

The current owner, the Italian distiller Davide Campari-Milano SpA, acquired Villa Les Cèdres as part of the industrial acquisition of Société des Produits Marnier Lapostolle (SPML), industrial consortium best known as the creator of the orange based liquor Grand Marnier.

The property was in the hands of the Marnier-Lapostolle family for more than 80 years, until 2016, when Campari-Milano SpA bought the Marnier industrial compound. In its 35 acres the family cultivated both exotic and local plants, including the bigarades, bitter oranges of which the famous Grand Marnier is made of.

Grand Marnier famous villa may become most expensive home on Earth —Bloomberg

The story by Bloomberg, Look Inside the Most Expensive House on Earth →, entertains interesting historical details of the Villa as well as family stories narrated by people in the know.

Whomever buys the property will be moving to one of the most sought-after regions of the planet, the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in the South of France. For those who follow celebrities, they say that Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen spends time in a neighboring villa, as well as the composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, among many. It is a notorious destination, I bet there are tons of interesting people around!

The 18,000 square-foot home sale is managed by five Marnier family members, who have the decision power in the negotiations. A representative from the company is also involved, as well as the real estate UK-based powerhouse Savills.

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