Central Avenue in Naples: revamping a commercial favorite of the city

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Central Avenue RedesignNaples is a city in constant progress, driven by the desire of making it the best city to be living in the United States.

With this in mind, The City of Naples has advanced major changes for Central Avenue in downtown including three roundabouts, narrowing the road to two lanes, adding a median, adding designated parking spots, bike lanes, and as Naples always does, the project is beautifully and thoughtfully landscaped.

This re-design will streamline traffic flow, relieve congestion, and is so visually pleasing! This project stretched 5 downtown blocks, extending west from Goodlette Frank Rd. to 8th Street N.

The $4.5 million project has totally revamped the area – something the city, business owners, and residents were all in favor of.  The days of Central Avenue being a shortcut to grab a cup of coffee are over.

Traffic is a concern that leaders always want to stay one step ahead of.  The city said it will allow for traffic to move through smoothly and cut down on the number of cars pulling out into oncoming traffic. Also give better attention to people waiting to walk across.

A new water main was also installed which will be a welcomed efficiency during our rainy summer months.

Once again, our civic leaders are providing Naples residents with the right improvements at the right time, keeping Naples as one of the most special places to live!

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Central Avenue Redesign


Carolyn Weinand

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