71 eateries partaking in charity-driven event SWFL Restaurant Week

71 eateries partaking in charity-driven event SWFL Restaurant Week

With dozens of different meal courses specially crafted for most palates, 71 participating restaurants are giving “locals (and visitors) the chance to channel their inner foodie and try all the restaurants on their wish list” during the SWFL Restaurant Week 14 day event.

These restaurants, some of them on the “pricey” side and all of them known as purveyors of high-quality experience and exceptional cuisine, are offering their specially designed courses (2-course lunch and/or 3-course dinner) at affordable fixed prices at $16 or $26 for lunch and $26 or $36 for dinner.

The event, produced by the Food Idea Group, and sponsored by the Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs, started on May 31st and will end on June 13th, 2018.

Naples, known nationally as one the happiest cities in the country, boasts the higher number of participating restaurants, including relatively “new” places such as Public House, True Food Kitchen and Dorota Italian Steakhouse, as well as many long favorites like Vergina’s, Campiello, Flemings, The Real Macaw, Cafe Alfredo.

For a full list of the participating restaurants, visit their website at Sizzle SWFL Restaurant Week.

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