Owning a Home: Top Ten Benefits for You

Owning a home is typically associated with the American Dream. As of 2014,  USA has more than 87 million homeowners, a number that represents around 65% of the country housing market. Interestingly, the rate of owner-occupied residences has remained steady since the 1960s. The advantages of owning a home range from tax breaks to remodeling your home to fit your own […]

Sending Holiday Greetings to All!

Our interconnected world brings a wide range of celebrations to be happy for. I want to reach all the good hearted, kindred people who are celebrating their holidays, wishing a world of happiness and fortune. As 2016 ends, I think about all we—me, family, friends, associates—are grateful for. My relationship with you is one thing I treasure. Thanks […]

Kitchens: Most Valuable Room for Real Estate

A great kitchen can help sell a home, and real estate professionals are spotlighting it in their marketing. Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Here is another powerful reason to go ahead with that project. The rewards can be both personal and financial. “Americans are spending more waking hours in the kitchen—cooking, eating, and socializing—than ever before.”, says Yuqing […]

Market: Home Prices still ‘Have Room to Run’

In Florida, the Index is a bit better coming in at 86.7 WASHINGTON – Dec. 6, 2016 – There’s still a lot of equity-building potential for homeowners. Freddie Mac’s Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi) stands at 86, which the mortgage giant says is on the “outer edge of its historic benchmark range of housing activity.” In […]

U Bloom Flower Bar: a bar for flowers’ lovers

U Bloom Flower Bar offers a modern twist on a time-honored tradition. Located inside Blooms Naples, U Bloom Flower Bar is a boutique floral design studio where you and a group of your friends can handpick flowers from a spectacular seasonal floral collection and create your own arrangement with the support of a seasoned floral […]

Naples Area Market Report 3rd Quarter 2016

Being current with the Naples Real Estate Market activity is always important to enable my customers to make educated, informed decisions. Below is the most up-to-date report through the end of 3Q 2016 and overall 12 months through October 2016.

Through overall twelve months ending October 2016 the numbers are:

— Pending Sales down 14% […]