11 real castles plus a love story in the USA

11 real castles plus a love story in the USA

You’d think that the lack of royalty in the United States of America gives zero chance to have majestic castles as the ones typically found in Europe. But you are in for surprise and emotion: we bring you 11 real castles plus a love story in the USA.

I am impressed by all these dwellings but the Boldt Castle caught me not only for its unbelievable beauty and majesty but for its tragic love story.

George C. Boldt, I assume madly in love with his wife Louise, ordered the castle construction by the dawn of last century. But upon Louise’s unexpected death in 1904, Boldt was so heartbroken that he couldn’t complete the project and never went back to the island.

George C. Boldt was the owner of New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel back then, and commissioned this 120-room storybook castle on Heart Island (formerly Hart Island back then). It’s tree-covered island in the St. Lawrence River now administrated by Bridge Authority as a tourist attraction.

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired Heart Island and the nearby yacht house, also owned by the Boldt family, in 1977, for one dollar. Conditions included that this inspired six-story gift of love was completely restored and offered for the enjoyment of future generations. It currently opens to guests seasonally throughout mid May to mid October.

Castello di Amorosa
Castello di Amorosa, in Napa Valley
Read more about these 11 castles in the article by Lyndsey Matthews, for HouseBeautiful.com. Among others, the article includes:

— The Belvedere Castle in Central Park, New York and the Scotty’s Castle, located in the Death Valley National Park, California;
— The anthropological gem Montezuma Castle, a 20-room cliff 800 years old castle situated in Camp Verde, Arizona located 70 feet up a limestone mountain’s wall.
— The awe-decorated Castello Di Amorosa, in Calistoga, California. It’s a 13th-century replica of a Tuscan castle—including a torture chamber!—located in the middle Napa Valley that took 15 years to build.

How would you like to have your own castle?

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