10+ acre Petra Island with Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes on sale

10+ acre Petra Island with Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes on sale

“A true oasis,” the sellers say about the amazing 10+ acre Petra Island. Arguably, it contains not one but two Frank Lloyd Wright homes. An entire island ideal for family retreats, they say.

Petra Island is located within the New York metropolitan area, emerging full of trees in the middle of the Lake Mahopac, and is now available for purchase for this $14,920,000.

Frank Lloyd Wright

The homes in the island have a complicated story and some controversy about the authenticity of the architectural signature. Although Wright designed and supervised a 1,200-square-foot cottage for the original owner of the island, A. K. Chahroudi, the Massaro house was built with final designs created by Thomas A. Heinz, an architect and Wright historian, hired to complete the designs that Wright left unfinished because Chahroudi couldn’t afford the original project.

The island was purchased in 1996 by Joseph Massaro, and construction of the eponymous new home was finished in 2007.

The property offers plenty of space for a family that can manage with 6 rooms and 3.5 bathrooms, plus two guest houses. The spaces spread in structures plentiful in rock, metal and wood, concrete and glass.

The Massaro House 10+ acre Petra IslandA heliport on the roof of the main house, the Massaro House, allows you to be in Manhattan in 15 minutes, or 5 minutes to the closest airport, the Westchester County Airport. Not too bad to go back home that fast after a hard day of work!

How do you like this property? Is this something you’d dream of?

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Photo of Frank Lloyd Wright, dated 1926, is public domain.
Photo of Massaro House and photo of Petra Island is property of the sellers Chilton & Chadwick


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